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Lewis got what he wanted, but in the end, it may just be his own undoing. Especially when someone has been with Arthur…for quite some time. Then I would say focus on the diaper. A commission for sparkles73arts. Link to Part 1. I woke up on the floor of the nursery, in a diaper that was more wet than when I had fallen asleep. I would only get it off if someone came to change me, and the only way to get someone to come… was to cry. The discomfort built, and the more uncomfortable I got, the more I could feel the emotions rising. Within in a minute of waking up, the pacifier fell out of my mouth and I was producing a wailing cry. A new babysitter burst into my nursery and scooped me right off the ground, bouncing me back and forth.
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Hinata Hyuga had pretty much exactly the life she wanted. She had married and now lived with the love of her life, Naruto Uzumaki, and had two wonderful children together. The fact that her husband was the Hokage also gave her a rather lavish life, but that was far from what she cared about. Hinata woke up one day to see that her husband had already left the bed, presumably to go work on the large amount of paperwork he had to fill out as the Hokage. As Hinata sat up and rubbed her eyes, she would feel something warm squishing around on her waist. She knew exactly what this was, and pulled back the covers to see. It was hidden behind the onesie that she wore to bed every night, but she could tell that her diaper was wet. You see, despite having a certain reputation to uphold as the wife of the Hokage, Hinata had her own… interests. One of these interests was in the ABDL fetish. Naruto was rather supportive of the whole idea, despite how weird it was to him initially.

It was really early in the morning in the hidden leaf village, the sun barely peeked over the stoned faces of the four previous and current hokage faces that looked over the entire village. In one of the more wealthy areas of the hidden leaf village, inside of a huge mansion an alarm clock went off awaking a young girl. Without getting up or looking, she reached out and felt around on the nightstand next to her bed looking for her alarm clock. After pressing the sleep mode she rolled back over and snuggled up against her blanket and went back to sleep. The girl known as Hinata Hyuuga, the next hairrest to the Hyuga clan who would one day run it quickly threw off her pale purple pajamas and dashed over to her closet and threw on her ninja attire which was a black net shirt and a beige hoddie, along with some purple pants that stopped at her ankles and blue sandals. Walking over to her dresser next Hinata then grabbed her ninja headband and tied it around her neck like usual then took a comb and began combing out her now neck long purple hair until she deemed it straight. After Hinata was done making herself look perfect she dashed out of her room and through the hallway racing to the front door like her life depended upon it. Upon making a sharp turn in the hallway Hinata had to make an abrupt stop or slam right into the person that was walking the opposite direction in front of her. Hinata was able to avoid a head on collision but lost her balance and face planted the wall right in front of her and fell to the ground. The person who Hinata tried to avoid sighed and looked at his eldest daughter's ungraceful sight; she was sprawled out on the floor like a lazy house cat with spirals in her eyes.

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Password Reset. Update Account. Diaper Camp. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters and I make absolutely no material profit from this story. Meanwhile, as Ino was being punished, Sakura and Tenten were continuing their conversation in the small social room. They're soft, comfortable In fact, once you get past the fact that you're sitting in your own waste, it actually feels kind of nice I wouldn't go that far! For too long have I been wronged by being forced to suffer as a lowly 'baby'.

I deserve SO much better, I deserve complete ownership of this organization! I would advise you to be there, if you know what's good for you. I'll be seeing your diapered butts later! It was when she did this, that Sakura noticed the seductive way in which Amy wiggled her ass as she walked and how almost every move she made seemed to try and show off at least one of her assets.

Sakura didn't think much of it though, she was just glad that Amy had left, she was just so damn annoying with the way she seemed to think that she was queen of the world!

It was not long after, though, that Mariko walked through. You don't have to go to her little 'meeting' if you don't want, she rarely backs up her threats. They had just left the large playroom and were continuing through the halls, where to, Hinata knew not, nor did she care, she was just enjoying the walk. Yukayo," Hinata stopped walking. She felt a great sense of pure joy spread through her body as she did this, but she hid it well. Hinata's face turned a darker shade of red.

Hinata began to smile. The two girls continued walking and they visited many different places. They passed a room marked VIP, they went to the offices and greeted the higher-ups, well They even stopped by the cafeteria and grabbed some lunch, Yukayo was even nice enough to let Hinata eat in the caretaker's room because Sakura, Ino, and Tenten were not there at the time. The end of the day came fairly quickly for Hinata, and after dinner she and her caretaker were back in their room getting ready for bed.

Hinata, dressed in a light blue, one-piece teen sleeper with the Konoha symbol all over it, a gift from Yukayo for being her favorite little baby girl, and the same diaper she'd been wearing all day. Hinata was a bit embarassed at wearing a sleeper but she found that it was at least comfortable. Yukayo got on top of the bed, took her robe off revealing her clothing underneath, which wasn't much, she was only wearing a bra and a diaper underneath, and, even though Hinata was the only one in the room, turned her butt to face the other side of the room as if she wanted the whole world to know that she was going to make a mess in her diaper.

Yukayo gently messed herself in front of Hinata's scarlet face. Yukayo, Hinata noticed by total honest accident, was quite a sexy young lady, she was tall and slender, had breasts that were larger than most women's, but not quite the size of someone like Tsunade, and she had an ass that was the envy of every woman on the planet.

Yukayo, now dressed in her solid light yellow pajamas. I feel great! Hinata got into bed next to Yukayo, who gave Hinata a motherly kiss which caused Hinata's face to turn red, fell asleep. Caretaker's were suppossed to act like mothers I guess. By now, Sakura had messed her diaper, but had gotten used to the unusual feeling. Plus, she wasn't quite as disguested as whe was in the hole where she messed her panties thus starting this whole mess.

The three girls returned to the main playroom and entered a different sideroom, one that Mariko claimed was her favorite of the rooms, and continued with their conversation. The three girls talked the day away and before they knew it, it was time for dinner. The girls ate togeather and when they were done they followed their caretakers back to their rooms.

Junna told Sakura to get onto the changing table kept in the room, which Sakura did, and slid her pants and diaper off. After wiping Sakura's bum and applying powder, Junna got out a fresh diaper and put Sakura in it. She then put Sakura's pants back on and told her to get dressed for bed. Sakura grabbed a two piece pajama set with cherry blossom decor and slipped into bed. Junna turned out the lights for Sakura and soon the young Leaf kunoichi was fast asleep. Tenten's pajamas were solid green, a birthday present from Lee from a previous year.

Although they made her look like another clone of Gai, she had taken a bit of a liking towards them, they represented the friendship she had built with her squad over the years and she began to miss them all. She felt somewhat sad, but was soon asleep. Nothing much happened except for a few attempted pranks by Koyumi and the occasional caretaker coming to tell some girls that their punishment was over.

When lunch and dinner came around all of the girls were all brought treys with food on them, which they ate, and they all slept that night on small matts brought out for them. Ino just hoped that her punishment would end tomorrow as she drifted off to the land of dreams. You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story. Report Story.

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